SUNNY PARADISE estate is waking up in all its beauty..

We planted industrial hemp, pumpkin, spelt, fava beans and batata sweet potatoes on our most fertile fields.

A special feature of our estate is the herb garden in the making, which will take on its recognisable shape in upcoming years. In the herb garden, we can admire the development of pot marigold, curry plant, common sage, common wormwood, purple coneflower, St John’s wort and lavender.

The entire agriculture of the SUNNY PARADISE estate is based on ecological production, as we know that taking care of our environment is one of the most important tasks of our generation.

Made in Slovenia
Top quality
Ecological and natural
Suitable for vegans

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Customers’ opinions

  • Better than coffee

    With CannCha ENERGY, I have a lot of energy throughout the day, even though I don’t drink coffee. In the morning, on an empty stomach, I drink it with rice milk, and then I have breakfast. Before, when I had no caffeine, I did not have as much energy as know, when I make myself the CannCha drink. I also like it because I can add it to a cake I’m baking, and it tastes excellent. I am very satisfied. All those who want to stop drinking coffee, try CannCha – you won’t regret it.

  • Dr. Jennifer Lee

    Your CannCha is top of the line and also very affordable!  I like it because it always has a full flavour and does not form clumps. I usually prepare it with oats milk and some water, as this is my favourite combination. In summer months, I also make an iced version by adding ice. This makes it a wonderfully refreshing drink that gives me an energy boost! 

    Dr. Jennifer Lee
    London, UK
  • Dr. Kevin Perry
    Calming down before sleep

    I got CannCha GOLD as a gift. I drink it before sleep, as it helps me calm down after a strenuous day. It tastes nice and has a special colour. CBD helps me sleep, as it has a beneficial effect on my well-being and digestion.

    Dr. Kevin Perry
    Chicago, USA